A Few More Peonies

The WordPress Photo Challenge this week is Close Up.  I still remember seeing nature’s beauty more clearly during some difficult times.  I experienced these images as gifts of Grace and Hope. I like this close up of one of the last peonies, for this year, because it shows the old and new, and the green leaves that will continue.




The Daily Post prompt today is Dear Mom.  My mother’s passing was many years ago, and that is hard to comprehend.  We had many wonderful conversations over the years.

I would like to know more about the history my parents lived through, when I was too young to ask those questions.

The prompts inspire new posts, and I also am grateful to share some of my best poems again.

L  ove
E  xpressed
T  ranscending
T  ime . . .
E  verlasting
R  emembrance of
S  ouls

* * *

how the
trumpet vines
grew on the wall
of my mother’s home
like her faith
her unconditional love
when God said
“It’s time . . . ”

Ellen Grace Olinger

The second poem was published in Bell’s Letters Poet (2011).

The trumpet vine is courtesy of wpclipart.com.

new sun shines

Originally posted on Haiku Prayers - Poetry And Other Art:

new sun shines
on my mother’s book
legacy of language

Grammatical Patterns And Composition
Enola M. Borgh
Copyright, Wisconsin Council of Teachers of English, 1963
First Printing, June, 1963

The WordPress prompt about legacy was called Don’t You Forget About Me.  I wrote the haiku today, as the light grew.

I  also wrote a different post for this prompt on Poems From Psalms And Nature.

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