Good Manners

The Kindness of Strangers is the WordPress prompt today.  We are asked about a time when someone was kind and generous. I think of many professionals who were kind when I was helping with my mother’s care.  Now I am so grateful for courtesy and help when I go to the library and stores.

So they are strangers because I don’t know them, but friendly in their professional roles.

Good manners, in other words!

someone helps me
at the library
and I say thank you
then help someone else
at the grocery store

books on the shelf
supported by each other
kindness of friends

we hold the door
for older people
memories of Mom

Ellen Grace Olinger

after rain

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When I look back on some difficult days and years, I remember how beauty sustained me.  I still have an image in my mind of autumn trees from my mother’s hospital window, and the quiet beautiful prayer room at the hospital – a world apart for a few minutes.

after rain
light shines
through tears
on windows

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The photo is from our yard this spring.

Ellen Grace Olinger

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Everything Beautiful In His Time


I continue to think about The Daily Post Off-Season Photo Challenge.  In terms of this site, Grief And Acceptance, I remember the day of my mother’s passing in 2004.  She was in her 80s.  She endured many illnesses, and her heart and soul grew ever more beautiful.  The Spring after her passing, the perennials growing anew blessed me.  They pictured healing and new life.  Love endures and keeps growing, a wonderful Mystery.  Primroses are pictured in this photo (Ellen Grace Olinger, 2015).

He hath made everything beautiful in His time . . .

Ecclesiastes 3: 11a (KJV)

O Christ, Be Closer – Responsive Reading

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I wrote this responsive reading a long time ago, when I was recovering from major surgery and a chronic illness.

“O Christ, Be Closer” received the Nellie Flory Memorial Award from Explorer Magazine in 1998.


O Christ, be closer
Closer than my afflictions, and
closer than my health
O Christ, be closer
Closer than my fears, and
closer than my hopes
O Christ, be closer
Closer than my solitude, and
closer than the crowd
O Christ, be closer
Closer than my failures, and
closer than my successes
O Christ, be closer
Closer than my nightmares, and
closer than my dreams
O  Christ, be closer
Closer than my memories, and
closer than my visions
O Christ, be closer
Closer than my life, and
closer than my death
O Christ, be closer

by Ellen Grace Olinger

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