sun rises later

Originally posted on Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin :

sun rises later
I have less energy now

the years when I could
no longer achieve the same
made me a poet

these words on a page, a post
as we tell our stories
and hope to help another

we grow our art
a post at a time

middle-aged and older by the day
loved ones in Heaven
a cousin called Home
when he was 60

I think of these things
as I thank God for the
beauty of each day
and pray for many more

the willow weeps

a symphony sings

The image is a free sample
from Repeatable Backgrounds – Liquids and Gels
(Dover Publications).

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Lilacs: Photos and Short Poems



early March
snow on lilacs
lands in the shape
of the flowers
that will bloom soon

in early May
tiny bird sings
on the branch
of budding lilacs

old lilacs in fog
promises of God
still holding true

where once
I mourned

they cannot stay
but will return


Photos and poems are by Ellen Grace Olinger.

I took the photo of the leaves yesterday.  The flowers have been past for some time, and I want to also appreciate the green now.  And remember in the winter.  The poems are from my archives.