Introduction – With Two Short Poems For My Parents


I began blogging with WordPress in December 2009.  My primary blog is Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin.

My second blog is Poems From Psalms And Nature.  I began this site in July 2010.

* * *

As I reflect upon the posts I’ve written, it seems the poems about grief and acceptance are among those that are especially appreciated. On this small site, in a quiet and simple way, I plan to reprint in one place these poems.  I also love simple everyday life.  Gifts from God.

* * *

Here are two poems, in loving memory of my parents, Harold and Enola Borgh.

taking turns
letting each other go
only to learn again
how love grows,

love for you
became her care
until she joined you there
grief gives way to fields and wind
and now I hear your voice again

These poems were published in Bell’s Letters Poet, a print journal.

Blessings and prayers,

Ellen Grace Olinger