years go by


years go by
leaves fall
time of rest
then rebirth
God’s time
not mine

* * *

falling leaves
and silent sunrise
how easy today
to let go of old dreams
cook some eggs
wash the dishes
write this poem


The images are from Flower, Fruit and Vegetable Seed Packet, courtesy of The Dover Design Sampler.

The days are getting longer again here in Wisconsin, and also it is cold with snow and ice.

I’ve looked out the same windows for a few decades, though it surely took me time to feel at home at first.  There have been many losses since I returned to Wisconsin, and the beauty of this place also sustains me.

“Acceptance” is an ongoing process, and I also have more peace many days than I had hoped for.  Grace and mercy.  God’s gifts.  One day at a time . . . looking forward to a new spring.

Blessings, Ellen