God’s care


After my mother was called Home in 2004, her pastor, Rev. Gary Erickson, said to me, “She’s in God’s care now.” My mother’s care was central in my life for years.  She loved others unconditionally and inspired their love in return.

I had a career in education for 20 years, mostly in another state, had been “in the world.”  Then life came full circle, and my life seemingly narrowed.  I’ve often thought how sensitive Pastor Gary’s words were – perfect for a caregiver.  I believe the Easter story, yet that was the time to honor loss.  It was actually hard for me to return to the world after the caregiving years, which overlapped with health issues for me too.  I had to start over in many ways, and blogging gave new life to my poetry and prose.  I love the research for the images as well.

God’s peace to you and yours,


Image: http://christianimagesource.com.