Beauty and Kindness


Great White Egret

During times of sorrow, beauty is a source of consolation.

I began watching birds, in an informal way, when we lived in Illinois years ago.  I still remember the autumn colors outside the hospital window, during my mom’s last illness here in Wisconsin.

The kindness of others is something I treasure.  A note, that may have taken a moment for someone to write, transformed my day.  These cards from over the years are in a covered glass dish from my mother, on a bookshelf from my father.  I save and treasure kind emails as well.

Blogs give me the same good feeling of support – this genre of creativity fits with my life so well.  Short posts over time add up to a lot.  I admire how so many people simply begin, and practice, and grow their work.  Many ways to grow.



The pictures are from  This site is one of my favorite resources, and is edited and managed by Paul Sherman.