short meditation

Tuesday.  The sky is painted a pale grey today, like the wall of a room.  I hear a bird sing ever so quietly.  How few of their songs I really know, even after all these years.  Yet I find Mystery sustains me.  Some losses are quieter now, even peaceful.  The evergreen branches in the slight wind are beautiful with the grey background.  I remember when I was recovering from a chronic illness, my wise mother said improvement would be gradual.  And then years go by, and the time of recovery, and growing closer to God, now feels like a gift.  Sometimes, when I see how the lives of others grew in different ways during these years, I wonder what more I might have achieved.  Today though I have no questions and am able to rest in God’s plan for me.  Mystery.  I accept these moments, which are also haiku moments, and know they will be part of my strength during other times.  All part of life it seems.  Ellen