And So My Soul


A lovely Sunday afternoon in Wisconsin.  Some of you may remember “And So My Soul.”  This poem was given to me in 1981 and published ten years later in TIME OF SINGING.  It became the title poem for my small chapbook, now out of print (Elin Grace Publishing, 2001).


And so my soul
Spills over
Into print again
As the sun spills
Over flowers
And the neighborhood

Endurance is eloquent
And marigolds are
Admirable because
They bloom
So long

Oh, my heart
Is tender
Yet God keeps it
And so my soul
Spills over
Into print again


Marigolds in this post are courtesy of

Charles A. Waugaman illustrated the book.  Design and Graphics were by Jeffery Dickson.  It took about 5 years to finish, as these were also the good caregiving years with my mother.  Yet the poems seem to last.  This poem is still true for me.  Happy to share here again today.

Thank you, Ellen