quiet gifts



I’ve been writing some new posts on my first blog, Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin, that seem to belong here as well.  Sometimes it seems that many memories form “new wholes.”  Every so often, I am aware that some quiet gifts of healing are present.  Rather than reblog, here is the link to my first blog.  http://ellenolinger.wordpress.com

The lovely “vintage endpapers” are courtesy of Reusable Art – Breathing New Life Into Old Art.  What a wonderful concept.  http://reusableart.com

I’m all in favor of sharing posts again, as new readers find our sites.  I enjoy rereading posts on other blogs as well.  There is so much online, and it’s nice to reread and ponder a little more sometimes too.

I’m slowing down with the holidays a little now, until closer to Christmas.  When I am peaceful, it also means that I am well-rested.  It took me some time to learn what a miracle rest is, to pace myself a little better.   The chronic illness I had when young was my best teacher, and I am always learning!  Very grateful.

Blessings, Ellen