Reflections – Four

I reread some posts and saw I have been trying to understand that over ten years have gone by since my mother’s passing in January 2004.  I thought I’d fill in the years.  We volunteered at a nursing home for three years, working with a local church.  There have been other deaths in the extended family and also births.  We are four generations on earth now.

We also had to rebuild our home from the inside, with the help of other people.  Good to support our local businesses. This took a few years, as we also needed some breaks.  This practical work was good for me, as I recovered from grief.  I made soup and coffee, and helped with the cleaning each day.  I asked a lot of questions and learned about wood and a new vocabulary.  Still need to write these poems!

Many other memories to share in the days ahead, Lord willing.  Every day a gift.

Love is eternal.

LORD, thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations.

Psalm 90: 1 (KJV)