Poems And Photos For The Last Day In July


Here in one post are some of the poems I’ve written and posted on two of my other sites this month.

The first two titles link to the poems on Haiku Prayers Art Site, and the second two titles link to the poems on Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin.

after looking

after looking
at store bouquets
this time of year
the answer is flowers
from our own yard



four generations
in the family now
Lord, may I live
this time with wisdom
and love


early hours

early hours
of quiet and poetry
gardens overflow
and if some winter
my mind forgets
my heart will know


last week in July

last week in July
and wildflowers
I’ve loved for decades
bloom . . .

summer arrives late
and leaves early here
yet I am older now and

I know that
trying too hard
does not keep
anything close

unless I can trust
and leave all in
His hands

Poems and photos are by Ellen Grace Olinger.