Reflection Seven – New Wholes

Time to review and reflect again this year, pray and hope . . .

Grief And Acceptance

As I review this blog, and my writing so far in general, I see themes that repeat.

Some of these are:

Praying the Psalms
Illness and recovery
A quiet life
Unconditional love
Eternal love
Love of poetry
Art by others – with their blessings and/or in the public domain (with credits)

My goal is to combine the present tense – life at this time – with reflections.  I like for life to feel whole, to gather the new things and the old things, into fresh bouquets.  And I am learning a new decade, one day at a time, by God’s grace.

Hope the new bouquets are lovely, one post at a time . . .

“In the beginning was the Word . . .”  John 1: 1

Thank you and blessings, Ellen

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