Bittersweet by Carol Purington and Merrill Ann Gonzales

SONG OF THE VOICELESS with Carol PuringtonBittersweet –
the purple finch leaves behind
a stain of notes                    CP

standing over
the brook he loved to paint            MAG

earlier twilight –
around the shrinking pond
no dash of birds                 CP

simple dinner of soup –
the candle glows still                MAG

day’s decline
the heron carries its legs
low                        CP

sad child
dragging the empty leash            MAG

three gifts –
dragon’s well tea                MAG
myrrh and frankincense

two small cold hands
welcome the warmth                CP

Poems by Carol Purington and Merrill Ann Gonzales
Artwork by Merrill Ann Gonzales

Reprinted with their permission
All Rights Reserved