Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin

…to give unto them
beauty for ashes,
the oil of joy for mourning,
the garment of praise
for the spirit of heaviness…

from Isaiah 61: 3 (KJV)

Hydrangea images are courtesy of wpclipart – Clip art and photos.

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lilac bushes

Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin

lilac bushes
with fading leaves
in fall sun

beautiful today

with no worries
about whether or not
they will bloom


* * *

Perhaps a meditation on creativity over many years . . . as I have experienced both the fallow and fruitful years.

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And So My Soul

Poems From Psalms And Nature

And so my soul
Spills over
Into print again
As the sun spills
Over flowers
And the neighborhood

Endurance is eloquent
And marigolds are
Admirable because
They bloom
So long

Oh, my heart
Is tender
Yet God keeps it
And so my soul
Spills over
Into print again

Ellen Grace Olinger

Written in 1981
Published by Time Of Singing in 1991

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I begin again

My Best Short Nature Poems

100_4165I begin again
with Psalm One
a snowflake falls
and then another
each a work of art

And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in season . . . Psalm 1: 3a (KJV)

Photo and poem are by Ellen Grace Olinger.

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November poem and notes

Haiku Art Site 2012 - 2018


few leaves
left on the lilac
living with
your loss 

by Ellen Grace Olinger

“November” was published in Hermitage, A Haiku Journal, Volume II, 2005.  Ion Codrescu, Editor.

“November” was reprinted in Welcoming Hope: Poems for those in need (2007, Elin Grace Publishing).  This is a book I co-edited with Lora Homan Zill, the editor of Time Of Singing.  Charles A. Waugaman was the Art Editor and Illustrator.  The book cover is by him.  For more information, please visit the books page at TimeOf Singing.

Welcoming Hope is a poetry anthology.

Quiet Christmas Poetry, the large print chapbook Karl and I published in 2014, is also available at Time Of Singing.

All proceeds for both books benefit Time Of Singing (TOS).  
Thank you,
Ellen Grace Olinger

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